Paris, a Roman city primé au World Summit Award


wsa_logoLa version anglaise de Paris, ville antique, a reçu le prix World Summit Award 2005 dans la catégorie e-Culture. Ce site fait donc partie des 40 sites exemplaires sélectionnés par ce comité parmis plus de 20.000 sites candidats :

Making existing excellence visible – that is the goal of the World Summit Award. What you find here is a selection of 40 outstanding projects from all over the world, which were selected by the WSA Grand Jury 2005 to exemplify the quality of today’s multimedia market world wide.

Those products were selected in a five-stage process from approximately over 20,000 candidates from 168 countries. The selection of the best products in the world included national evaluations, a Grand Jury review of over 750 nominations and a 6-day methodical judging process. The overall process meets near-scientific requirements of independent, inter-subjective judgment and of establishing the best available expert views.

A special emphasis in the product evaluation was put on projects which show the benefits of information and communication technology for the development of communities and help to bridge the growing content gap between developed and developing countries.

Pour rappel, vous pouvez visiter la version française du site à l’adresse suivante: